Sacred Dark Mala Bracelet

Sacred Dark Mala Bracelet

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This Sacred Moon Mala bracelet is a precious gift from Gterma designed to help you restore wholistic balance.

Being crafted with collector's grade gemstones, this Lava & Moonstone bracelet has the highest aesthetic and energetic healing property.Originally created in Tibet to assists foreigner meditates and help them becoming one with Universe Healing Energy.

► Some of the scientifically-validated benefits of meditation using Gterma Mala Bracelet include:

✔ Decreased stress and control Anxiety
✔ Promotes Wholistic Health and Improve Self Awareness
✔ Reduced insomnia and improved sleeping patterns;
✔ Enhanced ability to learn, remember and pay attention;
 Sparkling Inner Beauty 

Gterma Gemstone Information:

Lava Stone: Known as "Muladhara" (Root)  Chakra symbolize "Fiery Rebirth" from the past karma. The natural void and irregular surfaces make each beads extremely rare and beautiful. The "Muladhara" Chakra will give you the will of fire, igniting strength, grounded focus and unwavering courage that will help you achieve your dream 

Sacred Dark Moonstone: Known as "Muladhara" (Root) Chakra symbolize "Lunar Healing".find only in Tibet and Norway this, gemstone has a unique dark, pearly luster and a characteristic Known for protecting and grounding us while we sparks vibrant positivity, and openness to the abundant flow of life.